Orange County, California

Charter a Luxurious 45' Crusing Catamaran

We offer captained charters for you and your family or friends to Catalina and the Channel Islands.  We also offer harbor cruises, whale watching and sunset coastal sailing.  Cruising on a Catamaran is unlike any other boat, because our Cat is 25 1/2 feet wide, with two hulls.  This gives you the living space of a 1,000 sq ft apartment.  Most boats are 14 feet wide at most.  Sail boats heel over to the side and provide an uneasy feeling for new sailors.  Catamarans like ours do not heal over, they remain flat and always stable.  Out Cat has 3 full staterooms (bedrooms) and each have their own private bathroom.  If you've never spent a weekend anchored in a private cove, or on a mooring on Catalina Island, you're missing out on an amazing experience.  Our charter comes with a shoreboat that you can use to go back and forth to the Island.   Our private harbor cruises or whale watching trips can very comfortably handle 12 people.  For more information, please visit   We hope to see you soon!  Dan and Sophia Rawitch 415-342-1694




Region/State Orange County, California
Specific area Balboa Penninsula

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