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California Boat Care, Wash & Wax, Oxidation, Rust Stain Removal-

California Boat Care Specializes in restoring your boat's finish. We also perform paint and fiberglass repair.


 Boat Washing

By having dirt build up on your boat will in time reduce the value of your boat. We see it all the time the dirt turns into grime, and sits on the surface of the boat and if not cleaned will impregnate the Gel Coat. A boat should be washed at least once a month.

Boat Washing

California Boat Care, uses Seapower soap to wash down your boat. It meets the regulations for clean water in our harbors and removes grime, as well as oily residue. For the Non-skid areas we use a Star-Bright deck cleaner. Leaves a non slippery protective coat of PTEF barrier to dirt and UV rays. After your boat is washed and rinsed, we hand dry your boat so we don't leave water spots. Not drying your boat will leave water spots that will require frequent detailing.

CBC offers monthly wash service. Price varies depending on size of boat.

Oxidation Removal 

If your boats finished is oxidized, wash and wax prolong the oxidation. Yes, at first you will see a difference. But, the only way to truly remove the oxidation is to address the problem before waxing.

There are three levels of oxidation, Assessing Oxidation
Light - Most of the gelcoat will still be shiny, but with a few dull or cloudy patches. A simple oxidation-removing compound should restore the shine.
Medium - The surface is generally dull and shows signs of pitting. A machine buffer and a polishing compound will remove oxidation and smooth the pits.
Heavy - The entire surface is dull and may be chalky to the touch. Pitting is obvious. Extensive sanding and polishing are required.

3M and Collinite both make a Wax/Cleaner with can be used to remove light to medium oxidation. To remove heavy oxidation a rubbing compound and/or sanding may be the only way to remove it. This level of work most likely will require the boat to be dry docked.

Wax & Detail
?We use a rubbing compound to remove any skid marks all over the boat, from water line to top of cabin. Then we wax the entire boat excepted the non skid, with high quality marine wax. After the boat is completely wax we buff the boat to a shiny/protective finish. 

Bimini Cleaning
Cleaning the bimini is not part of a normal boat wash, Yes we will clean the windows, during a regular washing. However, that doesn't remove the small scratches or the discoloration. I use a special cleaner for the plastic windows that remove small scratches and slight discoloration. Also during a complete bimini cleaning we will remove bird droppings. We will also make note of any repairs needed. 
Metal Polishing
We use a rubbing compound to remove the oxidation and rust. Then we use metal polish to give the shine you want. Metal wax can be used at an additional charge, which will add life to the metal finish. During our  metal polishing service we only polish stainless steel and chromed metal. If you want other types of metal polished an additional cost we be added.

CBC is insured and has the required permits to work in both Harbors, Ventura / Channel Islands and Santa Barbara Harbor.

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